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Monday, 2 February 2015

The Real Rosa

2/02/2015 Posted by Lucy , , No comments
Mae is trying to take some photos of Rosa to use on her online dating profile. Rosa is hating it...

Mae: Come on Rosa, you promised you'd try and take this seriously! We need to get these pictures right!
Rosa: I'm trying! But I feel stupid!
Mae: Don't be ridiculous, you were a model for goodness sake!
Rosa: But this is different!
Mae: Rubbish! Now, pose!

Mae: Hmmm. Too cute. Try the next outfit on.

Mae: Woah... I like it. A lot. But...
Rosa: But what?
Mae: Too sexy!
Rosa: Oh... Really? *smiling*
Mae: Come on, next outfit please!


Mae: Hmmm. Now this looks promising....


Mae: Yes! I think this is the one!
Rosa: I don't know Mae, I'm still not sure it shows the real me.

Mae: Rosa, seriously. If we were going to show the real you right now, you'd have baby drool on your shoulder, jam in your hair and a kid hanging off each arm. Now there's nothing wrong with that and I'm not suggesting we hide that part about you, but we are doing this for you and so I don't think its unreasonable to have a nice photo for your profile. This is how you were once and you can be that again, I promise. 
Rosa: *Sigh* I suppose you have a point. You can use that photo I guess.
Mae: Awesome! I'll get started on your profile right away!


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