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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sounds Promising...

2/08/2015 Posted by Lucy , , No comments
Mae: You've had some messages on the dating site!
Rosa: Mmmhmm.
Mae: Try and be more enthusiastic! Some of them sound alright! And some of them not so...

Rosa: I told you, they'll all be from weirdos. Don't bother with it.

Mae: Hey, hang on. This one sounds promising!

Rosa: Promising how?
Mae: Well he's really hot for a start!
Rosa: That is not my primary concern Mae! Tell me more about him as a person!
Mae: Well he's the same age as you, he lives locally and works from home as a freelance writer. 
Rosa: Anything else?
Mae: His favourite food is pizza, colour is blue, plays guitar, blah blah blah.
Rosa: And why would a young, hot, freelance writer be interested in me when I've been honest on my profile about the number of kids I care for?
Mae: Probably because you're hot! And maybe because he has a kid too?..

Rosa: He has a kid?
Mae: Thats what he says! Well, a baby actually. A girl, same age as Pedro!
Rosa: Hmmmm.
Mae: You should totally message him back! I'll do it now!
Rosa: Hey! Don't you dare!.. I will do it... Pass me the laptop....

Rosa: No watching! I can handle this myself...
Mae: Okay, okay! I won't watch, I swear! My eyes are covered, see!

Mae: I'll just sit and read your magazine, I promise.

Rosa: Good. Right. Hmm. Okay. I can do this. Its easy! Right. Let's see...

Rosa: "Hi there, thank you for your sweet message..."


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