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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sexually, I'm more of a Switzerland

2/01/2015 Posted by Lucy , , No comments
Rosa and Mae are having a girlie afternoon watching some of their favourite rom-coms. Connie and Pedro are having their naps and the bigger kids are at a party so the girls are enjoying a rare moment to themselves.

Rosa: *Sigh* It would be nice to find a guy like that. Shame they don't exist in real life!
Mae: Of course they exist Rosalie! There is someone out there for everyone!
Rosa: Not for me there isn't! Who's going to want a girl who spends her life covered in baby puke and taking care of 7 kids under the age of 8? I don't think they'll be queuing up somehow!
Mae: You don't need them queuing up, you just need one. The right one. And I'm sure he's out there somewhere, we just need to find him!

Mae: I know! Let's look on some dating sites! I bet there are loads of awesome guys on there! We can make you a profile!
Rosa: No way! 
Mae: Oh come on, it will be fun!

Mae: Hmmmm, lets see. We're bound to find some good ones. What about this one? He looks pretty handsome!
Rosa: If their pictures are hot, they are probably fake. 
Mae: Don't be so negative!
Rosa: I'm not! But when you see that picture and then see that on his profile he's written "My self-compiled love-making tape includes songs from the lesser known albums of Crosby, Stills and Nash" I'd say its fairly safe to assume that its not real...
Mae: Ok so that one is no good but there must be others!

Mae: What about this one?
Rosa: "Sexually I'm more of a Switzerland"? What is that even supposed to mean?
Mae: Well I don't know but he's cute right?

Rosa: Ugh. This is horrific Mae! They are all weirdos!

Mae: I'm sure they aren't all weirdos... I'll agree that a lot of them seem to be, but I'm still convinced we'll find some good ones too. We just have to be patient! Now. What about him?

Rosa: I'm turning it off Mae, its pointless!
Mae: Spoil sport! You won't find anyone with that attitude!
Rosa: I'm sorry Mae. I didn't mean to snap. It just all seems a bit hopeless.

Mae: That's ok, I know you didn't mean it. Won't you let me make you a profile though? Pretty please? We'll keep it up for one week and if they are all creepazoids I promise I'll take it down. Please?

Rosa: *Sigh* Okaaaaay. For one week only!
Mae: Brilliant!!! Oh how exciting! I'll go and get some clothes!!
Rosa: What for?
Mae: For your photoshoot of course!! We need to take some photos for your profile! Wait here!
Rosa: Ugh. Why did I agree to this?



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