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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Littlefee - Pose Analysis

5/23/2012 Posted by Lucy , , 11 comments
I am going to do a pose analysis for each of my different kind of BJD's eventually. I actually did these photos on the weekend, but then Hiro arrived so he had to go first ;)

Littlefee are by far the best posers of all the dolls I have ever had (and I've had quite a few different kinds!). They are just so versatile. I simply adore them.

Modeling for us in these photos is my blank natural skin Bonnie. She is on a boy body but she will actually be a girl, and is going away for a faceup soon. So I hope you don't mind Littlefee nudeness! To start off are some pictures of her from the front, side and behind. The boy and girl bodies are exactly the same except boys have their boy bits!

The first picture in this set is my favourite pose they can do. Its just so cute! And it really shows off how sturdy they are. They can sit really nicely too.

The range of movement of their head and arms is fantastic and they have great balance so can lean fairly far forwards or backwards without falling over. They can kneel very nicely. The feet can go out backwards as shown and it looks pretty natural, or you can put them out to the side if you want the legs flatter to the ground.

Their balancing is pretty awesome but it does depend on your doll and how loose their ankles are. Bonnie's ankles are fairly loose so it took a bit of effort to get her to stand on one foot. However, some of my other littlefee can do it really easily and hold their leg much higher etc. They can put one leg behind the other fairly nicely too, like they need the loo, hehe!

Sitting and lying down are very easy for littlefee. They can do it in all sorts of natural looking poses and express a variety of emotions by the way you position them, especially in sitting. They can't quite manage the splits though!

The only thing I wish they could do better is pull their knees up closer to their chest but its not a big complaint at all. What they can do is enough for me! I had the wrong hands for doing it on Bonnie here, but one day I will post a photo of one of my littlefee balancing on one hand =) It is possible! Tricky, but possible!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Crobi T-Line - Pose Analysis

5/22/2012 Posted by Lucy , No comments
Ok, so here are the photos I promised showing off how the Crobi T-Line is for posing.

My boy chose his name. He is called Hiro (pronounced Hero) and for the purposes of this demonstration, he will be naked, so I hope nobody will mind, hehe ;) I don't know why he is so worried about you seeing him change when you will see him naked in a moment anyway ^____^

Of course, he had to keep his crown on =) He is never without it! First of all, here are some shots from the front, side and back, to show his profile etc. He has lovely proportions. I love his slender legs. His head is the same size as Lati Yellow and Pukifee. Possibly slightly bigger than both. 5/6 wigs are a wonderful snug fit on him. No wig cap or velcro required. He can share clothes with them fine too. He is a little more slender but its not a problem. I haven't tried any shoes on him yet. That will have to wait for another day.

He has a nice range of movement with his head. He can look up very nicely and it stays in the position nicely. It doesn't snap back at all. His arm movements are very nice too. They bend nicely and they are long enough to reach his face well. 

He sits beautifully, doesn't need any support at all. But if you do want his arms out behind him, it is possibly, the length is fine. I found the arms of Lati Yellow too short but his are perfect.

As you can see, he has wonderful balance! He is a very strong and sturdy little chap! He really is beautifully strung. Not too tight and not too floppy. And even though he has a single unit torso, his posing is really nice. All in all, I am very pleased with him! I am renowned for being incredibly fussy with dolls regarding their posing ability. I need them to have a great range, and I was very worried about how Hiro would be, but he really is brilliant. A much, much better alternative to Lati Yellow! 

Finally, I just wanted to share a pic of his hands and feet because they are just so pretty! It would be nice if you could get optional hands for them, but these ones are so cute its not a major problem =)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Crobi T-Line Choco

5/21/2012 Posted by Lucy , No comments
My newest little one arrived today. He is a Crobidoll T-Line Choco and here is his box opening for you. This is just a basic box opening today. I have done some pictures of him posing etc. which I will post tomorrow, but for now here is my new little boy!

This is the poster he came with. Its double sided. I forgot to take a picture of the other side but this side is best.

And here is the adorable milk carton box! I was worried I wouldn't get it as I didn't order the fullset, but I did so I am super happy =) For the ingredient list, it says Violent Love 4U - 64%, Diabolic Dearness - 21%, Irrepressible Sense of Humor - 8%, Baseless Confidence - 5%, Excessive Merriness - 1.5%, and Rage Against the Cramped Box - 0.5%. So cute!

They come snuggled up in a white padded bag. Look, I can see him! Such a beautiful colour!

They don't come with their eyes in and the eyes that he came with were WAY too big! I was quite annoyed by that actually! Luckily I had some spare (the ones he is wearing here) but they are the wrong colour for him. I need to order some more. But yes, that was my only disappointment, that the eyes he came with were much, much too big.

Oh! He is a demanding little chap already! But he has travelled a long way so we will forgive him ;)

I ordered 2 wigs for him but I didn't like the other one at all. I also tried him in a spare girl wig I had, just in case he wanted to be a girl instead, but no, he is definitely a boy!

I was so sure that I would be selling this little chap as soon as he got here, but I think he is staying, at least for a while! He is much, much better than I was expecting! I had a Lati Yellow for a little while and I hated it because I didn't like the one piece torso and because it was awful at posing. However, Choco is a wonderful poser! He is strung really nicely and holds his balance really well. He can sit up really brilliantly, doesn't need propping up like a Lati. And also, his arms are longer! Which is brilliant because he can touch his face better and they touch the floor when he sits down too. I will show you all of this tomorrow in the posing pictures =)

But for now, here is my new little boy! I hope you like him! Now I just need to think of a name... Any suggestions would be very welcome!