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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Christmas Visitor

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This is just a quick little set of photos I took on Christmas Eve on my way to bed which turned into a little photo story.

Maggie snuck up to sleep on the bed with Tabby, Asa and Matilda.

Something has woken her...

Christmas Videos

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Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates here lately but I've been a bit poorly with mouth and teeth troubles as usual and just had no time, but I have been enjoying the little bit of time off I have got over Christmas and have some new photos and things to share with you.

This first video is one I did last week of Rosa and some of the kids decorating the tree:

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Miss Kitty!

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I wanted to write a quick post to tell you about my new dolly who I am super excited about! A while ago on Flickr I saw some awesome hybrid dolls which were made using the heads from the large Littlest Pet Shop animals that were released a few years ago, and the bodies of fashion dolls such as Blythe. I thought they were super cute but by the time I discovered the idea, the big Littlest Pet Shop animals were really hard to find.

Here are a few examples of some from Flickr. The sleepy bunny belongs to Fae, the brown bear and the pink ladybird belong to jeds123; and the red ladybird and black kitty belong to guilietta degli spiriti. There are also some really cute hybrids to be seen using the regular sized Littlest Pet Shop animal heads and petite Blythe bodies so make sure you do a quick search for those too! Beware of some extreme cuteness though! There is even a LPS Hybrids group ;)

Astrid lets the sunset warm her face... On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me......... Dahlilah the gnat andrea

Sunday, 17 November 2013

American Girl: Available UK Alternatives

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I have been toying with the idea of getting an 18 inch play doll for a while now for a few reasons. They don't particularly appeal to me if I am absolutely honest, but I want to branch out with The Little Cupboard and start featuring other kinds of dolls here and this type of doll is clearly very popular.

However, probably the most recognisable of this type of doll is the American Girl doll which is unavailable for purchase here in the UK unless you buy off ebay or something and pay extortionate shipping and customs fees. Not something I want to do when I am unsure as to whether I will even like the doll when it arrives.

Therefore I have been looking for some alternative similar sized dolls that are readily available in the UK and thought I would let you know about them too. I am yet to buy any of them, and maybe I won't, but if any of you have any of these types of dolls, I'd love to hear your feedback as to what ones you prefer etc.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


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So here are some photos of the lovely Emmett <3 He is a Fairyland Vampire Elf Woosoo boy on the a-line muscular body, in natural skin with the default faceup.

I absolutely adore him. He is so gorgeous! However, I was surprised when he came that his eyeshadow is so pink, lol =)

His body is great but it is taking some getting used to with regards to the posing. The muscular body is quite stiff but I'm getting there. He could possibly do with sueding at some point in the future but we're ok for now.


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I made this photo video a couple of weeks ago to introduce Minifee Vampire Woosoo, Emmett, to the family =)

The photos are set to the song "Lullaby" by Jack Johnson and Matt Costa; and the video stars Tabby, Rosa, and of course, Emmett.

Try and watch it on the highest quality setting you can ;)