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Monday, 18 June 2012

Prim's Wardrobe

6/18/2012 Posted by Lucy , No comments
So the new girl has revealed her name. It turns out she wasn't telling because she doesn't like it all that much. Her full name is Primrose Clock but she hates to be called Primrose, so just call her Prim please ;)

Today she agreed to try on lots of clothes and shoes to show people what things will fit Juniors, as they are a tricky size to buy for. As you will see, it turns out there are a lot of suitable things here for her! The only things we really wish for are some dresses, tights and jeans in the correct length.

I'll start by showing you some pants/skirts, then some tops, and then some shoes. At the bottom of the post, I'll include the links to the shops the items came from so you know where to find them ;)

Nine9 Style MSD Tutu - As its an elasticated waist, it fits quite nicely. Its a little looser but if you pull it lower down on the hips it fits better.

TTYA Yosd Overalls - A really nice fit! They are fastened at the highest button on the straps at the back. Pull up over the waist nicely. Obviously, they come up shorter on Juniors but make really nice capri style overalls.

TheHappiestPrincess Yosd Jeggings - These fit nicely as they are quite elasticated. As a rule, most Yosd leggings will fit nicely as capri style but they do need to have a bit of elastic in them. I do have one cotton pair here which would not go up over her thighs as they were tighter but most seem ok. I have the nordic print ones from TTYA and they fit fine too, and some others by Spampy.

TTYA Yosd Slim Washing Jeans - Once I got these on, they fitted really nicely! But this is the slim style so they were hard to get over her hips and even harder to get off, lol! But it is possible and once on they look lovely. However, for an easier time, the baggier style might be better for pulling over her thighs and waist. Also, I don't know if its the resin she is made from, but I only had these on her for a short time and they left a very faint blue mark on her hips when I took them off. Its barely noticeable but I thought I'd mention it. Its weird as Asa, my Littlefee Shiwoo, had been wearing them for days before this and he didn't get any hint of staining.

MonstroDesigns Minifee Top - A really nice length and fit. A little baggy but not too bad as its made for slim MSDs.

icantdance Yosd Dress - Fits soooooo nicely as a top! I really love this one on her! You'll have to be careful putting some Yosd tops on Juniors as their hands are quite big so might snag the sleeves.

TheHappiestPrincess Yosd Sweater - Fits very nicely. The sleeves are a pretty good length. Maybe a smidge short but thats if you are really fussy =)

Lalatroop Yosd Dress - Like the icantdance one, this fits beautifully as a pretty top. 

TTYA Yosd Sweater - I have these TTYA sweaters in a few different designs and they all fit really nicely. The length is ok and so are the sleeves. I don't have any of their hoodies but I'm sure they would be fine too.

TTYA Yosd Vest - This is maybe a teeny bit short but again, only if you are being fussy. I think it looks pretty cute on her!

icantdance Yosd smock - Fits really nicely as a pretty top. I think this is Prim's favourite so far =)

nubanded Yosd T-Shirt - The nubanded t-shirts are a bit hit and miss. This one fits great, its a really nice length. But as you'll see in the pics below, some of them come up a bit small/short.

nubanded Yosd T-Shirt - As mentioned above, some of their t-shirts fit nicely and others are a bit short and small. This is a little short. Might be cute under overalls though, or for girls who like to show a bit of tummy! Prim doesn't, so I don't think she'll wear this again ;)

TTYA Yosd T-Shirt - A really lovely fit and length. I wish they had some girlier t-shirts though.

Tata's Paradise Yosd Vest - A nice fit and length. Prim is quite taken with this one. Turns out she loves dinosaurs!

WCC House Yosd Jacket - Fits nicely. The length is fine but of course, the sleeve lengths are short. But still looks really cute! Great for layering.

ThinkPink Yosd Boots - These are really cheap boots. I don't tend to use them much, but they seem to fit her nicely so they might do sometimes.

Sunny Doll Yosd Boots - These fit really well! However, they are quite hard to get off! If you do it too often, you might end up ruining them. These are my LTF's favourite shoes so I may need to get a second pair just for Prim so she doesn't ruin theirs, lol.

TTYA Yosd Sneakers - I got these from TTYA but I've seen them on other sites before too. They are a bit tight, but she can wear them and they look ok.

Releaserain Yosd Hightops - These fit very nicely. They are quite big on Littlefee but fit Juniors longer feet pretty well! I think she'll get some more of these ;)

The pic above is just to show the shoes from the side. Prim also has the brown mary-janes from Minoruworld, which of course, fit her perfectly =) Although slightly tight with socks...

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