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Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Joker! - Littlefee Pongpong

6/21/2012 Posted by Lucy , , No comments
Look who turned up today! It was a bit of a surprise as I was tracking him and it said I had customs charges to pay, but today he turned up at the house and I didn't have to pay any at all!

I am super busy these next few days, studying for an exam, so I only had time to do a quick box opening. Tomorrow I will post some more photos and tell you about him a bit more but for now, here are some teaser pics =)

There are no extra words to the story other than whats on the speech bubbles, but its pretty self explanatory really ^____^

So I think we have quite the little joker in him! No longer he was so long in customs. He was busy telling jokes to all the customs officers!

Here is a piccie of him in some of his full-set clothes and wig. All I will tell you tonight is that his name is Sacha =)


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