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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Comparison: Minifee/Minoruworld Junior/Littlefee

6/17/2012 Posted by Lucy , , , , No comments
As promised yesterday, here are some pics to show the height difference between Minifee, Minoruworld Juniors, and Littlefee. This isn't a pose analysis, its purely to show the height difference.

It also shows off the different resin colors too. Rosa (the Minifee) is white skin, the Minoruworld girl (she still hasn't told me her name!) is natural skin, and Tabby (the Littlefee) is natural skin.

I LOVE the size difference! They go so well together, I couldn't be happier with them! The Minoruworld girl's head is a bit small, but I think its ok. Just makes her look more like a gangly pre-teen, whereas Tabby still has her big little girl head, hehe =) So anyway, here they all are. I probably should have taken their wigs off but they were already disgruntled enough at having to be naked so they were allowed to keep them on ^____^


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