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Friday, 22 June 2012


6/22/2012 Posted by Lucy , No comments
So here are some more pictures of Sacha as promised. I ordered a few wigs. When I first tried them on him, I wasn't keen on his full-set wig. Its very tight! I thought he would end up wearing the second one but after I put him in all his full-set clothes etc, I have decided I do like the full-set one more after all, so he will be keeping that one :)

His outfit is soooooo lovely! I'm not sure how often the coat and hat will be used, but I adore the shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. They will be used a lot I think, and I know they will look adorable on Edward!  But the coat and hat are also super cute. Its like a little Sherlock Holmes outfit, hehe =)

The eye colour he came with is quite nice. I'm in no hurry to change them. They are the usual glib acrylics. I'm just pleased I didn't get the dreaded red ones! But I did put a note on my order to say no red eyes, lol.

So anyway, here he is. I took pics without wigs to show his faceup, and then some in the various layers of his outfit etc.

While I was waiting for him, I thought I wouldn't be keeping him. I had a Pukipuki Pongpong once but he was a bit too smiley for me. So I wasn't sure how I'd like this one. But I love him!! He will certainly be staying! I think Pong's can be great as a boy or girl in any of the sizes, but mine is definitely a boy. A very cheeky boy, lol!



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