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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Minoruworld Junior Minoru

6/16/2012 Posted by Lucy , , , 1 comment
Had a new arrival today! She was supposed to come yesterday but she was put on the wrong delivery van, grrrrr! But anyway, she is here now.

She is a Minoruworld Junior girl. Her sculpt is Minoru and she has the default faceup. She is in the standard natural skin, with the blossom body. She is in between Yosd and MSD size at 33cm (approx.) tall. I will do some comparison pictures of her with Rosa and Tabby tomorrow to show you.

This is her box. Nothing special but it did the job ;) I forgot to take a picture of inside but there was really nothing to see. They just come wrapped in bubble wrap and sandwiched in a big white cushion, lol. No certificate. There was some extra string or something, and her shoes I ordered with her.

I was worried to see her faceup as I took a while to decide on which sculpt to get as I didn't want her to look too old or too young. I think I chose well!

So on to some nudie pics to show her body and some of her poses. She is not double jointed like Fairyland dolls so she is not the greatest poser in the world, however, if you take your time with her, I think she will be just fine. The most annoying place for her not to be double jointed is the elbows. She is also really quite floppy. I may have to look into tightening her. If she were tighter, she would definitely be able to stand on one foot, but she can't at the moment. It means she can't get her hands right up to her face either as they flop down a bit. However, I'm confident that can be fixed with some tightening.

I forgot to say that she came with glib acrylic eyes, which is pretty standard. I think they are 14mm. I like the colour so she will keep them for now. Also, I think you could get away with some other more adventurous poses once she is dressed of you pull her legs out the sockets slightly etc. It would be too unsightly to do if they were on show, but hidden under clothes, I think it would be fine. I'll try it anyway, and let you know how I get on, lol!

So finally, here she is with a wig and some clothes on. Her clothes are MSD clothes from Nine9 Style. It is certainly going to be a challenge to dress this girl! I would love to just be able to find her some tights and some jeans at least. 

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  1. She's really cute. The nine9style clothes looks cute on her - but I guess she'll need commissioned jeans? I look forward to seeing more of her. :)