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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Review: 6th Anniversary Ddung

5/03/2015 Posted by Lucy , , No comments
It was my birthday on 24th April and I had a wonderful box of gifts arrive from my best friend Emma, and inside was a new Ddung for my collection! I am absolutely thrilled with her, Emma is the best :)

I am not sure of her official title but the box says "The 6th Anniversary". She came in a red box which is the usual colour for Ddung boxes, but the shape of the box is different to the others I have. You just lift the lid off this one and the little cutie was lying on a bed of straw. She was in a plastic cover when I first opened her but I removed it before I took these photos. Her accessories were just lose in the box around her.

She is dressed in a little animal suit (I'm not sure if its a bear or a mouse to be honest!) with a little apron; and comes with a stand, some sort of little trading card with a picture of another Ddung on it, a chef's hat and a little felt saucepan with a felt egg inside :)
The hood part of the animal suit not attached to it. Its a separate piece which holds onto her head with elastic under the chin. The apron is attached and the apron strings are what tie up at the back to hold the suit together. It makes me giggle when you turn her around because her little bum peeks out hehe :-) She does not come with any shoes and its quite difficult to get her to stand in the suit as a result. She has long brown hair which is nice and straight.
Both the chef hat and the saucepan attach with elastic. I'm not sure I'd have her with the animal hood and the chef hat on at the same time though as it would be a bit much I think. But its cute to be able to change them up. The little saucepan is adorable! I won't share nude pics of her as she has the same body as the other Ddung's which I have reviewed previously. 

All in all, she is a real little cutie and I am so thrilled to have received her as a gift from one of my dearest friends. It seems my little Ddung collection is growing! I shall share a group photo of them all soon. Thank you so much for her Emma!!


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