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Friday, 10 April 2015

Review: Lottie Picnic Set Accessories

4/10/2015 Posted by Lucy , , , No comments
Remember my review of the Pirate Queen Lottie Doll by Arklu? Well in it I had mentioned that my Lottie doll came with a little tear on her leg and so Arklu, the lovely company that make Lottie, wrote to me and said they would send me a replacement doll body! I was already thrilled about that, and was literally just expecting to get a new body to replace my doll's body with; but not only did they send me a whole nude doll (head included lol), they also very kindly sent me one of the Lottie accessory sets. Thank you so much Arklu!

The set they sent me was the Picnic Set which I am very pleased about as its one of the sets I had been eyeing up to try at some point. It comes packaged on a blister pack and as usual, the graphics on the packaging are lovely. Unlike many companies, they haven't heavily advertised what other sets are available on the back of the packet. In fact, they haven't mentioned any of the other accessory sets available; however they have mentioned the English Country Garden Lottie doll whom yes, would probably suit this accessory pack nicely ;) However, I don't have her (technically I did buy her but she was a gift for a friend) so Pirate Queen Lottie will have to model instead hehe :)

The set comes with a picnic blanket, a picnic basket, two plates, two cups/beakers and two cupcakes. The blanket is fabric (cotton or something) and the other accessories are all made of plastic. For those of you familiar with Re-Ment, its quite similar to that.
The sets normally retail at around £7.99 and whilst I do think this particular set is lovely, I do think the price is a little high when you consider some similar Re-Ment sets are available at around the same price but are probably a little more detailed etc. However, its swings and roundabouts really as Lottie products are readily available in the UK whereas Re-Ment is not and so while you may be able to get it fairly cheaply on ebay, you usually have postage costs to pay on top. That is the adult collector in me talking too. For a play accessory set for little girls for which it is originally intended, it probably fits the bill rather well ;)
Speaking as an adult collector of dolls however, it was nice for me to discover that this set also fits Blythe pretty well :) Therefore, I expect it would also suit smaller BJD dolls such as Pukifee/Lati Yellow size dolls rather well too.
I hadn't really looked at Blythe and Lottie side by side before and their sizes are cute together, although they don't suit each other as companions in my eyes as their faces don't go well together. However, what's currently in my mind is whether a little hybridisation would go down well... I'm wondering if a Middie or a Petite head would work on a Lottie body... Ah well! Luckily for my spare Lottie, I don't have any of those heads to try, haha! So if you'll excuse them, the girls are heading off for their picnic now the modelling is over :-D


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