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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Review: School Girl Ddung

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I got a new dolly in the post this week :) I ordered her a while ago when Luts had a sale on, along with another one but that one hasn't arrived yet which is actually quite nice as it means I get to enjoy two new dolly days instead of one!

This little cutie is a Ddung (pronounced Doong) doll and actually, they were the first dolls to start of my official doll hobby :) I had the smaller key chain size ones when I originally collected them, and one full size doll of Ddung's little boyfriend Bong-gu who I still have as he was too adorable to part with; but I sold the small ones when I got into BJDs. However, I picked up full size Ddung secondhand a little while ago and felt the time was right to start introducing them back into my collection again.

Ddung's are vinyl dolls produced in Korea that are meant to depict a cute little 4 year old girl. They come in varying sizes and many different outfits and themes etc. You can read more about her at Cute in Korea. You used to be able to pick them up fairly cheaply but they seem to have increased in price since I originally collected them and the keychain size dolls seem scarce to find now which is a shame. However, you can find a decent variety on Ebay and its worth keeping an eye on places like Luts when they have a sale on as this girl and her boyfriend who will be arriving soon, were a brilliant price :)

This is School Girl Ddung and she is 18cm tall. Most the standard sort of dolls come in these cute red boxes adorned with sweet little cartoon pictures of Ddung on the outside but some of the special edition or themed dolls come in different themed boxes.
She is held in the box by plastic tabs affixed to a cardboard inner which is done to look like a little dressing room type thing with "mirrors" (mirrored card) on the walls. She was nice and easy to open and release from the packaging; however I was a little disappointed that she didn't come with a stand because my Bong-gu I kept from before has one so I assumed she would too.

School Girl Ddung has long brown hair which is nice to touch and not oily or greasy. She is dressed in a red beret, a white top with red spots, a denim pinafore dress, a cardigan/jacket, a brown satchel bag, white socks, white panties and white mary-jane shoes. The shoes are not totally flat however so it took a while for me to get her to stand in them which was a little frustrating and in fact, she is propped against a tube of glue in these photos!

She can sit without any bother though as her legs and arms move at the hip/shoulder. Her head also turns from left to right but that's as advanced as her movements get.
It is much easier to get Ddung to stand without her shoes on which also revealed that her socks are fakes :) They are more like leg warmers which I guess makes it easier to get her shoes on and off. All in all I am very happy to add another Ddung to my dolly family and she looks very sweet with her pink haired sister who was waiting here for her. I will take a picture of them all together when my Prince Bong-gu arrives. I added a quick photo of Ddung with a Blythe below also to give an idea of size. I think they look really sweet together. almost like sisters!



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