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Sunday, 3 August 2014

ADAD August: 1 to 3

8/03/2014 Posted by Lucy , , No comments
I am trying to participate in A Doll a Day August this month. I really hope I can complete the month. I have planned all my photographs so I should be able to keep up. I will post them here every few days.

Day 1 - Landscape
I wanted to go out and take a beautiful photo overlooking one of my favourite spots for this but I was poorly and it was raining so Matilda and Buddy had to survey the landscape in the garden instead.

Day 2 - Lunch
Nala was hoping it was fish for lunch on that day. Luckily the fish remain unharmed ;)

Day 3 - S is for...
STOMP! Honestly, boys can be so gentle some days and then its total mass destruction on another!


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