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Saturday, 16 March 2013


3/16/2013 Posted by Lucy , No comments
So here are some photos of the lovely Emmett <3 He is a Fairyland Vampire Elf Woosoo boy on the a-line muscular body, in natural skin with the default faceup.

I absolutely adore him. He is so gorgeous! However, I was surprised when he came that his eyeshadow is so pink, lol =)

His body is great but it is taking some getting used to with regards to the posing. The muscular body is quite stiff but I'm getting there. He could possibly do with sueding at some point in the future but we're ok for now.

He is still wearing the eyes he came with as they are pretty nice. His wig is from For My Doll, and the top and jeans he is wearing in some of the photos are from Alice's Collections.


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