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Monday, 21 May 2012

Crobi T-Line Choco

5/21/2012 Posted by Lucy , No comments
My newest little one arrived today. He is a Crobidoll T-Line Choco and here is his box opening for you. This is just a basic box opening today. I have done some pictures of him posing etc. which I will post tomorrow, but for now here is my new little boy!

This is the poster he came with. Its double sided. I forgot to take a picture of the other side but this side is best.

And here is the adorable milk carton box! I was worried I wouldn't get it as I didn't order the fullset, but I did so I am super happy =) For the ingredient list, it says Violent Love 4U - 64%, Diabolic Dearness - 21%, Irrepressible Sense of Humor - 8%, Baseless Confidence - 5%, Excessive Merriness - 1.5%, and Rage Against the Cramped Box - 0.5%. So cute!

They come snuggled up in a white padded bag. Look, I can see him! Such a beautiful colour!

They don't come with their eyes in and the eyes that he came with were WAY too big! I was quite annoyed by that actually! Luckily I had some spare (the ones he is wearing here) but they are the wrong colour for him. I need to order some more. But yes, that was my only disappointment, that the eyes he came with were much, much too big.

Oh! He is a demanding little chap already! But he has travelled a long way so we will forgive him ;)

I ordered 2 wigs for him but I didn't like the other one at all. I also tried him in a spare girl wig I had, just in case he wanted to be a girl instead, but no, he is definitely a boy!

I was so sure that I would be selling this little chap as soon as he got here, but I think he is staying, at least for a while! He is much, much better than I was expecting! I had a Lati Yellow for a little while and I hated it because I didn't like the one piece torso and because it was awful at posing. However, Choco is a wonderful poser! He is strung really nicely and holds his balance really well. He can sit up really brilliantly, doesn't need propping up like a Lati. And also, his arms are longer! Which is brilliant because he can touch his face better and they touch the floor when he sits down too. I will show you all of this tomorrow in the posing pictures =)

But for now, here is my new little boy! I hope you like him! Now I just need to think of a name... Any suggestions would be very welcome!


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